winnipeg skating trail

This skating trail in Canada is the longest in the world

Ah, Winnipeg; the city of slurpees, epic street parties, and now, the world's longest skating trail.

The Red River Mutual trail — which stretches over 10 km — is a favourite activity for Winnipeg residents.

Every winter, skaters can drink in cityscape views while playing a round of hockey on the frozen river. The trail is weather dependant, but typically opens from January to March.

But the Red River Mutual trail isn't just setting records for being the world's longest skating trail; it also boasts the Guinness World Record for the world's longest chain of ice skaters. In 2018, 398 Winnipeggers braved the icy temperatures to break the world record.

The best part? People in Winnipeg used the event to raise $146,000 for the Cancer Care Manitoba Foundation. Close to 400 people skated in an unbroken chain for 400 meters, shattering the world record — and also their fundraising goal of $20,000.

Visitors to the world's longest skating trail can rent skates for $6. There's also a selection of "international quick-service food vendors" along the trail, so you can stop for a chocolate-filled tart or a glass of bubbly.

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Ken Gillespie

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