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10 of the most breathtaking boardwalk trails in Canada

Boardwalk trails in Canada provide the perfect way to soak in the country's stunning landscape. Even if you don't consider yourself much of a hiker, boardwalk trails are great for everyone as they offer a flat well-maintained walkway for you to follow.

Here are some of the most breathtaking boardwalk trails in Canada you need to add to your bucket list.

Giant Cedars Boardwalk Trail, B.C. 

Enjoy the views of 500-year-old giant cedar trees overhead as you walk the wooden staircases that weave through this ancient forest. Nestled in the heart of Mount Revelstoke National Park, Giant Cedars Trail lets you experience the only temperate inland rainforest in the world with a short and sweet half kilometre hike.

Point Peelee, Ontario 

Point Peelee is the second smallest, yet most ecologically diverse national park in Canada with over 300 different species of migratory birds and about 750 native plants, some of which are endangered. The boardwalk stretches across the 15-kilometre park and gives access to the marshy landscape. 

Myra Canyon Trail, B.C. 

With 18 wooden trestle bridges located over 3,000 feet in the air, two tunnels, and incredibly picturesque mountainous terrain as your view, the Myra Canyon Trail is easily the most scenic portion of the Kettle Valley Railway. 

Beaver Boardwalk, Alberta

This 3-kilometre freshwater boardwalk is the longest of its kind in the world. The boardwalk takes you through marsh and wetland, and gets you up-close to an active beaver dam. At times there are over a dozen beavers in the area. 

White Water Walk, Ontario 

With breathtaking views of white rapids, the White Water Walk is an easy, yet breathtaking hike along the Niagara River. The boardwalk itself is only about 400 metres long, with multiple viewing platforms that jut out towards the fast-moving water. 

Ominnik Marsh Trail, Manitoba 

Ominnik Marsh Trail is a 1.4 kilometre loop trail around a lake and marshland in Manitoba's Riding Mountain National Park. The swamp land provides excellent views and an immersive experience with typical marsh plants, including Cattail, Willow and Bulrush growing up around the boardwalk. 

Mer Bleue Bog Trail, Ontario 

Located only minutes from Ottawa, Mer Bleue is the largest bog and natural area in Canada’s Capital Region. The bog is nearly 7,700 years old and provides habitat for many rare species such as plants, birds, and other wildlife. 

Crawford Lake, Ontario 

This smooth 1.4 km loop trail will take you through a forest and all around Crawford Lake, offering up some beautiful scenery as you go. You may even catch a peek of the turtles paddling in the water as you pass. 

Rainforest Trail, B.C.

Located in Pacific Rim National Park, the scenic Rainforest Trail is one of the most popular hiking trails among both locals and visitors in the Tofino area. The trail has two routes, each two kilometres in length, and each equally as picturesque. 

Liard River, B.C. 

This 300-metre long boardwalk through a warm-water swamp and lush boreal spruce forest leads to Canada's largest natural hot springs. The area was originally known as the "Tropical Valley" due to the rich natural landscape, diverse plant life, and many different mammal and bird species.

Lead photo by

flaviomalesani at Laird River Hot Springs Provincial Park, B.C. 

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