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Forena Thermal City is a new Nordic-inspired spa in Canada and it looks magical

Forena Thermal City Spa in Saint Bruno is a Nordic-inspired spa in Quebec that spans over 600,000 square feet. 

The multi million dollar retreat has everything from thermal saunas to beautiful warm pools surrounded by rock formations.

Located on the southern shores of Quebec, the Forena Spa is nestled at the edge of the woods of Mont Saint-Bruno, and is one of the largest spas in the country. 

Apart from the many treatments the spa offers, the facility itself is something to behold. The architecture looks to provide a relaxing and immersive experience, complete with natural and modern touches.

"We wanted it to be subtle and relatively contemporary, and to be able to wink at the way countries experience thermotherapy. The goal is to make people feel that there is authenticity and respect for culture and customs," said president of the SKYSPA group, Patrick Rake, on the Forena website. 

According to the spa, the whole project was inspired by Icelandic, Russian, and German spa rituals.

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