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A moose eating pumpkins just won Halloween

Update: At the time of publication, the team believed this situation took place in Canada. Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that it was in Alaska. We regret the error.

Nothing says Canada quite like a giant moose strolling aimlessly through country roads, except maybe a video of a moose eating a pumpkin. 

The video, which was taken in Alaska, shows a massive moose eating carved pumpkins right off of someone's front lawn. 

While the moose feasts on one of the pumpkins, the others hilariously appear to be watching in fear. 

The video recently went viral online, and it has lots of people talking about the mysterious animal that is the moose. 

Some (presumably non-Canadians) are remarking on how large the animal is, saying they'd be scared to see one in real life. 

But others are pointing out how graceful and beautiful they are. 

Many are joking about feeling sorry for the pumpkins. 

And others are having a great time laughing at all the non-Canadians who think the moose is terrifying. 

But mostly, Twitter users are emphasizing how utterly Canadian it is to see a moose chomping on a pumpkin just before Halloween.

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