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Someone just spotted one of the weirdest looking fish washed up in Canada

A weird, crimson-coloured fish was recently spotted on the coast of Canada, and it's making waves on social media.

TikToker Paige Irwin shared a video of the red fish that she spotted on a Halifax beach on Thursday, asking any marine biologists to chime in with information.

The video — which has already racked up more than 93,000 views — shows the red fish stranded on the pebbled beach, presumably after the tide went out.

"It looks it's from Australia," someone in the video says.

A few other people have floated the idea that the red fish is a stone fish, or even a magikarp (that's a Pokemon reference, for all of you non-gamers out there).

The aquatic animal's red colouring certainly does seem a little fishy — but it turns out that it's probably just a sculpin.

Sculpins are elongated, tapered fish with a bulbous head; they're typically bottom-dwelling fish, although it's not uncommon for commercial fishermen in Atlantic Canada to pull one up in a lobster trap.

The fish are typically a brownish, earthy tone, but they can occasionally have more vibrant colours.

Atlantic Canada truly does have some weird-looking fish; from blue lobsters to slimy snailfish to the Canadian sea horse, you never know what you'll find lurking in the depths of the ocean.

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Someone just spotted one of the weirdest looking fish washed up in Canada

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