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Posted 3 days ago

A brewery in Canada pulls Karen beer from shelves after backlash over branding

Posted 5 days ago

David's Tea is closing down most of its stores for good

Posted 6 days ago

McDonald's is bringing back $1 ice cream cones in Canada this summer

Posted 7 days ago

This factory in Canada plans to make 400 million cannabis gummies a year

Posted 9 days ago

People in Canada are desperate to know when Cinnabon stores are reopening

Posted 10 days ago

Nestle exits the bottle water business in Canada after heavy criticism

Posted 14 days ago

Starbucks to begin testing curbside pickup in Canada

Posted 19 days ago

Burger King adds KD Bites to the menu and Canadians are already obsessed

Posted 20 days ago

Sobeys pulls barely legal Sweet Sixteen candies from shelves after backlash over slogan

Posted 20 days ago

Two employees took a knee when serving a police officer at an Arby's in Canada

Posted 21 days ago

Canada investing $100 million into plant-based food industry

Posted 23 days ago

Eskimo Pie owner to change ice cream's name to be part of the solution on racial equality

Posted 24 days ago

The world famous Cake Boss bakery is now shipping to Canada

Posted 24 days ago

Logo for Canadian rum brand Old Sam under review amid concerns over racist packaging

Posted 24 days ago

Canada is making grocery store executives explain why they're cutting pandemic pay

Posted 25 days ago

People in Canada cancelling Taco Bell after employee fired over Black Lives Matter

Posted 25 days ago

Cream of Wheat is the latest grocery staple reviewing its racist logo and packaging

Posted 25 days ago

Tim Hortons finally adds almond milk to its menu

Posted 26 days ago

Uncle Ben's rice to change branding due to racist history

Posted 26 days ago

Aunt Jemima canceled forever and people say these other racist brands need to go next

Posted 26 days ago

Popeyes just officially launched its famous chicken sandwich in Canada

Posted 28 days ago

Tim Hortons launches Hero Cups to celebrate thousands of frontline workers

Posted 29 days ago

Canadian company's Black Lives Matter themed gelato sparks swift backlash

Posted about a month ago

Chuck E. Cheese could permanently close all locations as it flirts with bankruptcy

Posted about a month ago

Starbucks reverses policy on Black Lives Matter after boycott