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Posted 12 minutes ago

Canadian gelato joint just set a world record for most flavours

Posted a day ago

This photo of a microwave next to a toilet in Canada just went viral

Posted 2 days ago

This Canadian city has a chicken joint that's also a car wash and people just love it

Posted 4 days ago

People of all ages are rushing to McDonald's in Canada for retro toys

Posted 5 days ago

Starbucks just unveiled their holiday 2019 drinks in Canada and people are way too excited

Posted 8 days ago

Subway stores in Canada are getting a bougie makeover

Posted 11 days ago

Chinese grocery chain Sungiven Foods is expanding to Canada

Posted 12 days ago

Pamela Anderson wants prisons in Canada to be totally vegan

Posted 14 days ago

Timbits cereal is apparently a thing and Canadians are losing it

Posted 17 days ago

Costco just overtook Walmart as Canada's second-largest retailer

Posted 18 days ago

Bulk Barn is now doing same-day delivery across Canada

Posted 18 days ago

Police are warning Canadians to keep cannabis-infused candy away from kids

Posted 19 days ago

McDonald's is giving away free fries everywhere in Canada except Quebec

Posted 20 days ago

Time Out Market is about to open its first Canadian location

Posted 21 days ago

American burger chain Red Robin is closing locations in Canada and fans are crushed

Posted 21 days ago

A Canadian daycare just switched to an entirely vegan menu