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Posted 6 hours ago

People are complaining there are too many vegan options on WestJet's new menus

Posted a day ago

Canada is obsessed with Harry Potter themed bars

Posted 2 days ago

You can now order food from KFC in Canada using only a voice command

Posted 4 days ago

People are missing the apple cider at Tim Hortons and want it brought back

Posted 6 days ago

McDonald's is now selling scented candles but they're not in Canada yet

Posted 6 days ago

Robin's Donuts is the chain in Canada that might be more popular than Tim Hortons

Posted 6 days ago

People really want Tim Hortons to bring back the chicken sandwich

Posted 6 days ago

McDonald's just brought back the Shamrock Shake in Canada

Posted 7 days ago

Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim 2020 will include reusable cups

Posted 8 days ago

Chinese restaurants in Vancouver say business is way down because of coronavirus

Posted 10 days ago

You can now get all you can eat KFC buffet in Canada

Posted 12 days ago

The beloved Popeyes chicken sandwich is finally coming to Canada

Posted 14 days ago

White Claw is officially coming to Canada

Posted 14 days ago

This restaurant in Canada tells you the carbon footprint of each menu item

Posted 15 days ago

Edible moose farts put Canadian bakery on the map

Posted 16 days ago

Tim Hortons will start offering almond milk at all of its stores in Canada

Posted 16 days ago

People don't seem to like all the new things about Tim Hortons

Posted 18 days ago

Tim Hortons might have a secret menu and this is where to find it

Posted 19 days ago

Beverly Hills chain California Pizza Kitchen is opening its first location in Canada

Posted 22 days ago

This cafe in Canada will make you feel like you're in a colouring book

Posted 23 days ago

People at Canadian school function become sick after cake spiked with THC

Posted 23 days ago

Sobeys has officially eliminated plastic bags in Canada but it's getting mixed reviews

Posted 25 days ago

This new restaurant in Canada is hidden behind a Coca-Cola vending machine

Posted 28 days ago

Canadians are searching for Corona beer virus and people are confused

Posted 28 days ago

A pizzeria in Canada was giving away free slices to anyone named Kobe or Gianna