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Canada just set a new maple syrup record

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People in Canada are cancelling Wendy's over ties to Donald Trump

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Health inspectors quickly shut down restaurant in Ontario after it reopens for dine-in service

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The newest restaurant in Canada is totally vegan and only for squirrels

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Starbucks is reopening for takeout across Canada

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Krispy Kreme is giving away free donuts at all locations in Canada next week

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Hundreds of cars lined up for mini donuts at a drive-thru food festival in Canada

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Loblaws says stores in Canada will soon start to return to normal but precautions remain

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There's now Speaking Moistly beer in Canada but it's not without controversy

Posted 15 days ago

Here's what restaurants are like in Vancouver now they've reopened for dine-in service

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Restaurants in Canada could look to Vancouver for ideas on how to safely reopen

Posted 17 days ago

Mmmuffins only has one remaining location in Canada after latest store closure

Posted 19 days ago

Most grocery stores in Canada don't want you to bring your reusable bags

Posted 21 days ago

Nando's says it's permanently closing 21 restaurant locations in Canada

Posted 21 days ago

LA chain Dave's Hot Chicken plans to open 30 restaurants in Canada

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This is how McDonald's is planning to start opening back up in Canada

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This is how many animals were slaughtered in Canada last year

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Here's what restaurants in Alberta need to do when they reopen for dine-in service

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Tim Hortons plans to reopen dining areas in Canada and here's what you can expect

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Iconic ice cream joint in Canada forced to close because it's too popular

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This massive food distributor in Canada is now doing online grocery delivery

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A bakery in Canada is giving away solidarity bread to people in need

Posted 28 days ago

Canadian Hospitality Worker Relief Fund closes after thousands apply on first day