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Vaping ads are now banned in Ontario convenience stores

Ontario's convenience stores and gas stations won't be allowed to advertise vaping products when the new year starts, the provincial government announced Friday.

"Restricting the promotion of vapour products in retail stores will help prevent youth from being exposed and influenced by promotion in retail settings," said Minister of Health Christine Elliott in a press release. The ban kicks in on January 1, 2020.

Recent research indicates that about 15 per cent of teens from Grade 10 to 12 vape.

"Youth are particularly susceptible to nicotine’s harmful effects including affecting memory, concentration and brain development," a Ministry of Health spokesperson said in an emailed statement.

Specialty vape shops will be the only retail stores allowed to advertise the products, but those stores require one to be 19 or older to enter. 

Seven other provinces have implemented similar bans on advertising vaping products.

JUUL, the vaping giant that dominates the market for pens and pods, says that they will "fully comply" with the policy, and that they are committed to combating underage use of their products.

The provincial association for convenience stores is also on board with the plan. 

Health Canada said they welcome "the efforts of all jurisdictions to address the rapid increase in rates of youth vaping in Canada, including those announced this week by Ontario."

Federal laws prevent vaping products being sold to people under 18 years old, and marketing said products in a way that would appeal to youth.

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