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Calgary ranked the top city in the world for driving

It seems Calgarian motorists have a lot to be thankful for today, because according to the 2019 Driving Cities Index, Calgary is the best city in the world for drivers.

The index, which was compiled by Mister Auto and released Thursday, includes a shortlist of the 100 best and worst cities for driving around the world. 

"Considering that drivers lose over 200 hours a year commuting in the U.S. alone, we decided to delve into the multiple factors that affect motorists on a daily basis," the index states.

"From infrastructure and congestion, to driver behaviour, our comprehensive study takes a deeper look into cities which are successfully utilising infrastructure and legislation to improve conditions for vehicle users."

In order to narrow it down to the 100 cities listed, researchers collected data from hundreds of cities and analyzed 15 factors within the three categories that they determined to be the most important for making a city a good location to drive: infrastructure, safety and costs.

Some of the 15 factors within those categories include traffic congestion, road and public transport quality, air quality, car accident fatality rate and incidents of road rage.

Cities were then awarded a score for each factor as well as an overall score.

While Calgary took the top spot on the list with a score of 100, two other Canadian cities also made the top 10. 

Ottawa is the third city on the list while Vancouver sits at number six. 

Here are the top 10 cities in the world for drivers.

  1. Calgary, Canada: 100
  2. Dubai, UAE: 97.87
  3. Ottawa, Canada: 96.60
  4. Bern, Switzerland: 96.23
  5. El Paso, USA: 96.01
  6. Vancouver, Canada: 95.99
  7. Gothenburg, Sweden: 95.66
  8. Dusseldorf, Germany: 95.36
  9. Basel, Switzerland: 95.28
  10. Dortmund, Germany: 95.27

Montreal was 28th on the list and Toronto was 51st.

According to the index, the worst city in the world for drivers is Mumbai, India.

The city received a shockingly low score of 1, while Kolkata, India and Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia followed with scores of 29.99 and 20.30, respectively. 

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