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Doug Ford and Justin Trudeau seem to be getting along great right now

The Prime Minister and the Premier of Ontario met for the first time since Trudeau's reelection today, and it seems the two are now closer to being on the same page than ever. 

Premier Doug Ford left the meeting stressing the need for unity in Canada, and he said he and Trudeau made an effort to focus on what they agree on versus where they differ, according to The Canadian press. 

The two leaders have rarely seen eye to eye in the past, and Trudeau often cited Ford's shortcomings when criticizing Federal Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer during the election.

But today's meeting might just mark a new phase of unity and commonality for the two politicians. 

Following their meeting, Ford also said he has good relationships with certain western premiers who aren't particularly pleased with Trudeau at the moment, implying that he's in an ideal spot to try and help bridge the gap. 

Trudeau has already met with several provincial leaders since winning a minority government in October, but not every talk has gone so smoothly. 

After his meeting with Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe, Moe said he was frustrated and didn't believe the two could agree. 

Trudeau and Ford were all smiles while posing for photos post-meeting, and they even cracked a few jokes.

Ford recently announced that he's trying to learn French and asked Trudeau if he knows any good teachers. Trudeau replied that he actually used to be one, but his schedule's a little busy at the moment. 

Many Canadians are quite surprised by the politicians' civility, and some simply aren't buying it. 

But others are saying that with so much division gripping much of Canada, this kind of cooperation is exactly what the country needs. 

"This is the first time since Doug Ford has been elected that I've been optimistic for our province," one Twitter user said.

"Regardless of political beliefs, Doug Ford working WITH Trudeau and not against him is a big win for Ontario and Canada"

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