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The new LRT system in Ottawa continues to be a total nightmare

There is now a Canadian transit system that may actually be more detested and bemoaned than Toronto's TTC

Ottawa-area residents are not happy — they're furious, in fact — with the city's new LRT line, which debuted early last month as the biggest change in OC Transpo history.

So far, the new O-Train has been nothing but broken down trainsstalls and delays, and other problems like packed train cars that have meant complete chaos for commuters.

Residents have taken to social media to share their transit woes, only to receive little-to-no response and notoriously late service updates from the transit commission online.

"Maybe I am shouting into the wind... we must communicate with our customers if we want them to trust the service and therefore use the service," one transit goer said.

The fact that the public transit agency is planning another fare increase in January — the second since the establishment of the new line — is only adding fuel to the fire.

Residents are now instead calling for a fare freeze due to the latest OC Transpo issues, with groups complaining that "the service is poor, we shouldn't pay more." 

Even the rest of the city's transit hasn't been running smoothly lately, with buses showing up more than an hour late or not at all, and even a rise in passenger injuries due to accidents.

Augmenting public transit with new lines is obviously a great thing for a city in theory, and a few snags in the introduction process are to be expected, but it seems that the nation's capital has a whole mess of complications to sort out before commuters can feel confident in (or at least, not completely enraged at) OC Transpo.

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