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Police shoot teen at 7-Eleven in Winnipeg and it was all caught on video

Winnipeg police shot a 16-year-old teen suspect who was allegedly committing an armed robbery at a 7/11 yesterday evening — and it was all caught on video by a bystander in a moving car nearby.

The dramatic footage shows the teen trying to exit and then successfully exiting the convenience store at the corner of Ellice Avenue and Arlington Street. He then approaches police and draws a weapon.

Officer(s) can be heard discharging their weapon(s) five times, followed by another four as the cell phone camera loses sight of the incident.

Multiple people can also be heard at one point yelling "drop the knife."

Winnipeg police stated at a press conference today that the suspect's age is irrelevant, as "intent and delivery" to potentially use his weapon were present.

According to Global News, the unnamed suspect is in critical but stable condition in hospital.

Lead photo by

Kachina Des

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