is remembrance day a holiday

People are confused about whether Remembrance Day is a holiday in Canada

November 11 is the day we remember and honour fallen Canadian soldiers, and it's been that way for decades.

But every year, the same confusion arises among Canadians about whether or not Remembrance Day is a statutory holiday. 

People from every province forget if it's a public holiday, and they seek answers about whether their schools and offices will be closed for the day. 

The answer isn't quite so straightforward, which is likely why the confusion returns each year. 

In Canada, provinces and territories make their own decisions about how to observe Remembrance Day. This means it's not technically a public holiday, but federal employees have the day off and it's a statutory holiday in certain provinces and territories. 

Currently Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Manitoba do not observe the day as a statutory holiday, but Nova Scotia and Manitoba both have legislation in place to allow for some flexibility on this. 

The rest of the country gets the day off in honour of the holiday, while these provinces observe moments of silence and ceremonies while at work or school.

And on top of those wondering whether it's a public holiday, the added debate of whether it should be one tends to follow closely behind.

Many argue that Canadians should get the day off out of respect for what the holiday stands for. 

But there are also those who think making it a public holiday would cause residents to focus more on the idea of having the day off than on the actual holiday itself.

And let's not forget the debate about whether Christmas celebrations should begin before or after November 11. 

Whichever way you look at it, it seems Remembrance Day always causes quite a stir in Canada. 

But at the end of the day, what matters most is that we pay our respects to those who sacrificed so much for the freedom of our country.

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