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Wexit Alberta has officially applied to become a registered political party in Canada

Wexit Alberta just applied to be a registered political party alongside the Liberals, NPP, Bloc Quebecois and the like. 

It's the first step for a small group of people who want a Western exit (Wexit) of Alberta from the rest of Canada following  the last federal election.

Those supporting Wexit Alberta have sent in over 500 signatures to try and become a political party, with founder Peter Downing telling CTV News that he plans on doing for Western Canada what the Bloc Quebecois has done for Quebec. 

Gaining small amounts of traction shortly after the election, not many Albertans are convinced or impressed by the movement. 

Supporters of the movement also held a Saturday afternoon rally at the Boot Scootin' Boogie Dancehall in Edmonton, where several hundred attendees called on Premier Jason Kenney to hold a referendum. While the group shows very little sign of slowing down, VICE News recently reported on how Downing and co-founder Patrick King have a history of accusing the liberal government of "normalizing pedophilia" as well as "pursuing an immigration policy aimed to depopulate the white, Anglo-Saxon race."
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