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Texas girl finds moose outside her window on trip to Canada

What would Canadian identity be without the infamous moose? 

The towering, adorably clumsy but kind of terrifying mammals are one of the main things Canada is known for — they're part of how students in other countries learn about us, they're the inspiration behind homegrown radio station names and they're the subject of some of the country's most famous pieces of art.

So it's no wonder that when visitors to Canada are lucky enough to see a moose in-person, they're enthralled. 

Enthralled seems to be an understatement when describing an adorable Texas preschooler who spotted some moose outside her grandparents' window when visiting their home in a small town on the southeastern coast of Newfoundland.

Three-year-old Brooke posed smiling from ear to ear — obviously, from safely indoors — with two moose that she caught roaming her grandparents' front garden as she went to admire the snow outside.

The heartwarming photo went viral on social media, evoking a ton of "aww"s and all of the feels.

Many called the picture an example of "a true Newfoundland scene" and shared their own Canadian moose stories in the comments section of the post, originally on the CBC Newfoundland and Labrador Facebook page.

Newfoundland has the most concentrated population of moose in North America, with an estimated 120,000 of them living there at present.

Yet tourists to the Maritimes have actually formally complained about the lack of moose roaming around freely, as they were apparently expecting to see more of them given that, well, it's Canada and all.

It's nice to see good news stories like Brooke's making headlines to remind everyone the good side of the sometimes not-so-pleasant reality of life in Canada — random moose and all.

Lead photo by

CBC Newfoundland and Labrador

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