meteor shower 2020

Canadians can see the first meteor shower of the year this weekend

People in Canada are advised to keep their eyes on the sky this weekend for a chance to catch the first meteor shower of 2020.

The Quadrantid shower, which happens around the same time each year, will peak in North America late Friday night into Saturday morning, and will boast up to 200 meteors per hour if conditions are favourable.

NASA suggests stargazers seek out a spot with as little light pollution and cloud cover as possible, and face northeast during late night and pre-dawn hours for an optimal show.

The Quadrantid meteors are special because they originate from an asteroid, called 2003 EH1, while the meteors in the majority of well-known showers are debris from comets (the main difference between the two is their composition).

The shower's radiant — the point in the sky the meteors appear to come from — is a constellation formerly known as the Quadrans Muralis, near present-day Boötes and the tip of the handle of the Big Dipper.

The free Friday night party courtesy of Mother Nature will be the last meteor shower we'll be able to see until late April, so bundle up and don't miss out.

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Greg David

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