Every major city in Canada is below freezing right now except one

According to Enviroment Canada, every major city in Canada had a temperature of below freezing today, except for lucky Vancouver, who is sitting at a balmy 5 degrees.

The other major cities like Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Montreal, are left to contend with freezing temperatures. Though some temperatures aren't as bad as others. 

Environment CanadaFor people in Edmonton -15 proabably doesn't even feel that cold at this point. 

Winnipeg is enduring bone chilling -18 degree weather today, and are expecting at least 15 cm of snow later on this evening. 

Montreal isn't as cold, only feeling like -1 earlier today, but still below freezing nonetheless.

Toronto had to issue the first extreme cold weather alert of the year today, with temperatures dropping to -13, feeling like -16 with the windchill. 

Toronto's Extreme Cold Weather Alerts activate local services that focus on getting and keeping vulnerable residents inside.

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