snow in vancouver

15 unbelievable videos from the snow in Vancouver

Thousands have been left without power and buried in snow after a massive and rare storm hit most of Southern B.C. yesterday

Vancouver — the city that usually remains fairly snowless throughout the winter — looked more like Montreal or Toronto than it did itself. 

Schools were forced to close, ferries were cancelled, transit was delayed and highways were closed. The city basically shut down due to being understandably unprepared for a storm of this size. 

On the plus side, some seriously memorable social media content was created thanks to the sudden influx of winter weather.

And though many wined and complained about the massive amounts of cold white fluff that fell from the sky, others used it to their advantage. 

Some winter-loving B.C. residents used the snow and ice to create a skating rink right at home in their backyard. 

Others took the opportunity to ski all the way to work. 

Or snow board while being pulled by a car. 

Some city workers even had their own snowball fight in the midst of the storm. 

Many residents were unequipped to deal with the amount of snow that fell in just one day, so they simply had to make do with other materials. 

Someone was even spotted using a political lawn sign to shovel snow. 

And SkyTrain employees were seen de-icing the trains using hockey sticks. 

Of all the bizarre incidents that happened in light of yesterday's snow, motorists were probably the most inconvenienced out of anyone and it shows. 

It is extremely hard to control a car when it's sliding on black ice, after all. 

And there's no denying that the winds were extremely strong, too. 

And it certainly wasn't fun for commuters to have to wait hours for public transit vehicles to show up either.

Gee, I hope the 99 bus makes it. #snowmageddon2020

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But at least the transit agency sent a literal hype man to entertain and engage the crowds while they waited. 

And despite how most people felt about the inconvenient weather, it seems the animals felt quite differently. 

When they weren't being totally buried in the snow, that is. 

But as annoying, frustrating and cold as the snow may be, it truly appears to have brought people together. 

Here's hoping Vancouver's climate returns to normal so these videos can become nothing but a hilarious and distant memory. 

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