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New video shows two missiles fired at Ukrainian plane in Iran

Security camera footage has emerged, appearing to show the moment two ballistic missiles hit Ukrainian International Air flight UIA PS752 in Tehran last week.

The New York Times verified the video, and reported that the footage was filmed by a camera on the roof of a building near the village of Bidkaneh, four miles from an Iranian military site. 

The video shows not one, but two missiles hitting the the plane.  The second strike happens 23 seconds after impact from the first strike.

It appears that neither strike downed the plane immediately. The new footage shows the airliner on fire, and circling back toward Tehran’s international airport where the plane took off.

According to the New York Times, the video was first uploaded to YouTube by a Iranian user on Tuesday.

The new footage changes what was earlier perceived about how the flight went down on January 8, killing all 176 people aboard the plane.

Iran's military admitted that the plane had been hit by a missile and blamed human error for the strike. They said the plane had been misidentified as a cruise missile flying over Tehran.

According to reports, after the crash Iran Revolutionary Guards' commander Amirali Hajizadeh almost immediately informed Iran's authorities that they had unintentionally shot down the airliner with two Russian-made Sa-15 surface-to-air missiles because the plane flew too close to a sensitive military site.

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