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Canada is bracing for counter protests across the country

Counter-protestors will be objecting to the railroad blockades across Canada today.

Although Justin Trudeau officially said the government will be stepping in to dismantle the blockades on Friday afternoon, some Canadians feel that the Prime Minister still isn't doing enough.

Right-wing activists are no longer waiting for the government to step in; they're taking matters into their own hands by tearing down the blockades.

In Toronto, a counter protest is expected at Nathan Phillips Square on Saturday at 2.p.m.

In Regina, an event listing for a counter protest at City Hall has been circulating on Facebook for the same time.

In Cape Breton, a counter protest is planned for the Canso Causeway at 1 p.m.

There's also something scheduled to go down at Okotoks Town Hall in Alberta.

On Wednesday, a group of Albertans made headlines by dismantling the rail blockade near Edmonton. It was up for less than 24-hours before the vigilantes intervened.

The incident sparked a flurry of action from far-right groups.

Dozens of people have been posting to social media to coordinate country-wide protests this weekend, often using the hashtags "Save Canada" and "Take Canada Back."

Some people are even threatening outright civil rebellion, claiming that Trudeau is no longer fit for office.

Although the protests are largely unorganized, they have the potential to escalate into violence; after all, several drivers have already attacked protestors this week.

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Jason Hargrove

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