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Canadian fashion mogul is now alleged to be a sexual predator

The proprietor of one of the biggest retail fashion brands to come out of Canada is facing serious allegations of rape, sex trafficking and more.

A group of ten unidentified women have just launched a class-action lawsuit against Peter Nygard, who started his eponymous women's clothing line Nygard International in Winnipeg back in 1967, alleging that a sex trafficking ring victimizing young girls took place at his Bahamas estate and other international locations for years.

The 99-page civil suit also claims that others at Nygard's company not only knew about, but facilitated and benefited from the offences as he used his influence, power and "network of company employees under his direction to groom and entice underage girls and women... to become full-time sex workers, which he referred to as his 'girlfriends.'"

The girls, many of whom were under 18, were allegedly lured in with promises of money and modelling opportunities, then roped into sex acts, as well as into recruiting more children and young women into the ring. Drugs and alcohol were often involved, the lawsuit claims.

Three of the plaintiffs say they were only 14 at the time they were allegedly sexually assaulted by the fashion executive — who is now in his late 70s — and three others claim to have been just 15. The alleged crimes took place between 2008 and 2015. No criminal charges are being laid.

Nygard's legal representation called the claims "completely false" and "a scam" that is part of a decades-long conspiracy to destroy Nygard's reputation, CBC reports.

His lawyer stated that the plaintiffs are being paid off by Nygard's billionaire neighbour in the Bahamas, with whom the Canadian fashion magnate has been engaged in various ongoing legal drama for many years. The Supreme Court of the Bahamas seized Nygard's beachfront estate in 2018 over the dispute.

Nygard — who on his company website is described as "a glamorous playboy" who often has "different blondes on each arm" — has been accused of sexual assault multiple times in the past, as recently as January. 

He has denied all allegations, none of which have been proven in court.

His company currently operates 170 stores across North America, plus more than six thousand of "shop-in-shops" within department stores worldwide.

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