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Greta Thunberg just shaded Justin Trudeau over climate change

Justin Trudeau has said repeatedly that climate change is a top priority for the Liberal government, but Swedish activist Greta Thunberg isn't buying it.

The 17-year-old environmental activist took to Twitter yesterday to call the Prime Minister out for his hypocrisy on climate change.

Thunberg retweeted an article by Guardian writer Bill McKibben, who slams Trudeau for his lack of action.

In her tweet, Thunberg quotes a particularly provocative part of the article.

She writes: "If an alcoholic assured you he was taking his condition very seriously, but also laying in a 40-year store of bourbon, you'd be entitled to doubt his sincerity."

Thunberg and Trudeau previously met when the 17-year-old environmentalist was in Montreal in September. Thunberg told Trudeau that he was "obviously not doing enough."

Trudeau agreed.

And now, four months later, it seems Thunberg has the same opinion — she just delivered it with a little more heat.

However, some Canadians felt that the attack was uncalled for.

Especially when Canada is hardly the biggest culprit in terms of carbon emissions over the last decade.

Trudeau is also under fire from climate activists for the approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline, which will go ahead despite Indigenous concerns as of February 4, 2020.

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