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Here's how police arrested a porch pirate in Edmonton within seconds

On Friday, Edmonton police arrested a porch pirate after arriving at the scene within seconds — and it's not because they can suddenly teleport.

Although a "porch pirate" might sound like a character played by Johnny Depp, the term actually refers to criminals that steal packages from people's doorsteps — and they're surprisingly common, with one in four Canadians falling victim.

Fortunately, Jayson Crang wasn't one of them.

Crang's Ring doorbell caught the thief on camera walking across his snow-covered lawn, scooping up his package, and heading for the street.

The woman doesn't even make it to the road before three unmarked police vehicles pull up behind her.

Officers dressed in plain clothes identify themselves as police, telling the thief to put her hands up and get on the ground. The arrest proceeds from there.

Naturally, Canadians have been wondering how the Edmonton Police arrived at the scene so quickly.

The answer? Convenient timing.

Crang was at work when he received a notification that someone was at his door. Conveniently, police members were already near Crang's house — in the area of 87 Street and 83 Avenue — at the time of the theft.

From there, it was a short drive to Crang's house.

The 32-year-old woman arrested faces several charges related to theft and possession of stolen property and drugs.

Lead photo by

Jayson Crang

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