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251 Canadians quarantined on a cruise ship because of coronavirus

251 Canadians are being quarantined on a cruise ship off the coast of Japan after an outbreak of coronavirus.

Princess Cruises confirmed the passenger count on the Diamond Princess on Tuesday night. None of the Canadian passengers have tested positive for coronavirus.

The cruise line told passengers on January 31 that the risk of coronavirus was "low."

Doctors performed medical tests on all of the passengers and crew, which involved a questionnaire, taking temperatures, and performing mouth swabs.

So far, 10 passengers have tested positive for the virus and were transferred to a hospital.

All 3,700 people will be quarantined aboard the cruise ship for 14 days. Food and supplies will be provided.

The Canadian Embassy is working with Japanese authorities and cruise line officials.

Guests requiring prescription medicine are being provided with it.

Passengers are being encouraged to remain isolated in their individual cabins, so additional TV channels have also been provided for entertainment.

However, many guests aboard the Diamond Princess are nervous and frustrated over the lack of communication.

Some are saying that the portion sizes of meals are inadequate.

And many are scared about what's going to happen next.

It's been difficult to get in touch with the Canadian passengers onboard the ship, so some people have even started Tweeting at other guests asking for information.

A second cruise ship is also being quarantined in Hong Kong following a coronavirus outbreak.

There are Canadians among the two thousand passengers.

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Princess Cruises

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