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This rare lynx family was just caught on video in Canada

A lynx family was just spotted crossing a snowy highway in Manitoba — and the video is so cute.

Manitoba Hydro posted the short clip to Facebook on Thursday afternoon, crediting employee Shaun Kirchmann with capturing the rare event on his way to Grand Rapids.

In the video, five small lynxes trot across the snowy road, obediently following a parent lynx.

Adorably, the parent lynx pauses halfway, turning to make sure that the young kittens are following.

Three kittens confidently bound across the road, while the other two hesitate, scanning cautiously.

Kirchmann's sighting is particularly rare, considering that the lynx population in Canada is thought to hover around 8,000 — and the species is nocturnal.

The Facebook video has already received thousands of likes and comments.

A few Canadians were concerned about the last little straggler.

While others couldn't resist the opportunity to make a well-timed pun.

And some were just excited that someone managed to capture the rare sighting on film.

Although Canada lynx are endangered, the threat to the population is  considered to be low.

Lead photo by

Manitoba Hydro

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