Coquitlam driver

A student driver in Canada failed a sobriety test during his in-car lesson

A student driver in Canada failed a sobriety test during his recent in-car lesson, forcing Coquitlam RCMP to tow his car.

The 44-year-old B.C. man ran a stop sign during his driving lesson before failing a roadside sobriety test — and Coquitlam RCMP couldn't resist having just a little fun with it.

The police station posted a photo of the incident to Twitter on Thursday morning, with the caption, "What has six wheels, two drivers, and just got towed?"

Despite the humour of the post, RCMP Corporal Michael McLaughlin warned Canadians to take the incident seriously, saying, "This may be a funny story, but we’re serious about keeping our community safe."

The student's driving license was suspended for 90 days, and he was given a ticket for failing to stop at the stop sign.

The instructor's car was impounded for 90 days.

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