cases of covid-19 in canada

There are now over 7,000 cases of COVID-19 in Canada

There are now over 7,000 cases of COVID-19 in Canada, as of March 30.

Quebec has 3,430 cases, Ontario has 1,706, British Columbia has 884, Alberta has 661, Saskatchewan has 156, Newfoundland has 148, Nova Scotia has 127, Manitoba has 72, New Brunswick has 68, P.E.I has 18, Yukon has four and the Northwest Territories has one.

Nunavut has yet to report a case.

In Canada, 13 per cent of patients have recovered from the virus and 1.1 per cent have lost their lives.

In response to the rising COVID-19 cases, Canada has implemented the Quarantine Act, which means all returning travellers must self-isolate for 14 days, or risk facing fines and jail time.

On Monday, Ontario's Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Williams put out a plea for Canadians to stay home.

"We must do more," he said. "There is no option for anyone to opt out."

Newfoundland Health Minister Dr. John Haggie echoed Williams' sentiment, saying that trips to grocery shops should involve "one person, one trip, each week" and that children should remain at home.

Canada is also taking steps to protect the economy during the COVID-19 outbreak with an extensive three-point plan.

Canadians that are sick, quarantined or have lost their job due to the COVID-19 pandemic can apply for Employment Insurance. Those that don't qualify for EI but are still taking a financial hit may be eligible for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit.

Small businesses in need of loans due to COVID-19 can apply for the Canada Emergency Business Account.

All businesses regardless of size may be eligible for a 75 per cent wage subsidy if they're experiencing financial troubles as a result of the pandemic.

In happier news, Canada is one of 11 countries to join the World Health Organization's unprecedented global trial that will test treatments for COVID-19.

At least four groups of Canadian researchers are also currently conducting drug trials for COVID-19 treatments using promising drugs such as hydroxychloroquine.

Bauer Hockey, Canada Goose and several other Canadian companies have volunteered to create medical supplies in a "war-like effort" to keep hospitals afloat until a COVID-19 treatment is found.

"As always," Trudeau said on Monday, "Canada and Canadians will get through this by leaning on one another."

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