thank you frontline workers

Here's how people in Canada are saying thank you to frontline workers

Canada is giving a big "thank you" to frontline workers this week, with hundreds of Canadians leaving creative messages of gratitude across the country.

Nurses, doctors, paramedics, bus drivers, postal workers, grocery store employees, garbage collectors β€” these are just some of the people that are essential to keeping our country running during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some Canadians have given a big "thank you" to frontline workers, like these Vancouver locals cheering from their balconies as healthcare workers change shifts.

While others have expressed their gratitude in smaller ways, like this sweet handmade poster spotted on a door in Toronto that says, "We appreciate you!"

BIG thanks to all the mail & package delivery people! from r/toronto

This sign in Toronto brought a bus driver "to tears" after they finished working 130 hours over 10 days, proving that a little gesture can go a long way.

"You have no idea how much this small gesture meant to me," the bus driver wrote. "Thank you, Toronto!"

After working over 130 hours in ten straight days I saw this on my route today and it brought me to tears. You have no idea how much this small gesture meant to me. Thank you Toronto! from r/toronto

Meanwhile, an Ontario grocery store employee was touched by a message written in sidewalk chalk outside their store.

The sign reads, "Thank you essential workers."

This was written out front of my work this morning! Very nice to see! P.S, I work at a Grocery store! from r/ontario

And that wasn't the only sidewalk chalk scribble that had frontline workers tearing up β€” these messages outside of North York General Hospital hit one healthcare director hard.

Because, as this Calgary councillor pointed out, not all super heroes wear capes β€” sometimes they wear masks or gloves.

If you know a Canadian frontline worker, make sure to reach out this weekend and remind them that they're doing a wonderful job. A phone call goes a long way.

And if you're a frontline worker reading this article, then thank-you β€” because of you, Canada is a better place.

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R J Pauloski

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