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This is what Canada's first coronavirus clinic looks like

Canada's first coronavirus clinic officially opened on Monday, and two more are expected to follow.

The first coronavirus clinic is located in the emergency room of Montreal's Hôtel-Dieu Hospital. It offers several specialized services, including screenings and blood tests.

The clinic doesn't accept walk-ins; all appointments must be made by calling  Info-Santé 811 beforehand.

L'Hôtel-Dieu was Montréal's first hospital, founded in 1645.

People visiting the coronavirus clinic will be given a glimpse of the impressive stone exterior before entering the old emergency room, which closed in 2017.

Patients are greeted by a sign as they enter the hospital; it reads, "Welcome to the COVID-19 clinic."

As you might expect, Montreal's coronavirus clinic is equipped with multiple hand sanitizer stations.

Doctors and nurses also have access to specialized kits containing gloves, masks, and specimen bags labelled with the biohazard symbol.

The clinic also has individual white cubicles labelled with letters, allowing patients to be tested while reducing the risks of contamination.

Staff — all of whom volunteered to work at the clinic — are dressed in protective gear, including a surgical mask, visor, gown and gloves.

And the security guards wear surgical masks, too.

The clinic will stay open seven days a week, for 12 hours each day.

Montreal will run an additional two specialized clinics, which will open their doors on March 11 and 16.

Twenty patients have already visited the first location.

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