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Graduating students in Canada are stressed about their job prospects

Graduating students in Canada are going to have a tough time this year, to put it mildly.

Not only are Canadian students graduating into a looming global recession that will cost the world economy trillions of dollars, but many have lost their summer internships and their only source of income.

Essentially, approximately 500,000 students are set to graduate from Canadian post-secondary institutions this year with little to no job prospects.

In anticipation of this, Trudeau is delaying student loan payments for six months, interest-free — but some students have pointed out that even September is too soon, since they won't be earning any money this summer.

Even Canadian students in their penultimate year of study are stressed, since their student loan payments start in December.

Many students rely on internships to pay back loans, as well as to pay for food, rent and textbooks.

Without work this summer, some Canadian students will struggle to pay for even basic living expenses.

While most Canadians that are out of work due to the COVID-19 outbreak will be eligible for either EI or the Canada Emergency Response Benefit, students may not be entitled to either.

CERB and EI are both structured to cover current job losses — not a loss of future employment.

And some Canadian students even need internships or co-op programmes to graduate, making it unclear whether they'll be earning a diploma in 2020.

Other students were relying on summer internships to boost their chances of being accepted to grad school.

So even though most Canadians are going through a stressful time financially and student loans might seem like a trivial concern, it's worth sparing a thought for the students that have lost their internships or summer job prospects.

For some graduating students, these next four months weren't just supposed to be good work experience; they were crucial to paying off their loans.

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