toilet paper shortage

People are panic buying toilet paper across Canada

As concerns around the coronavirus continue to grow, people across the country are stocking up on supplies out of fear of the virus spreading. By now, you've probably heard reports of hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies selling out of stores.

Now, people across the country are stocking up on a new essential: toilet paper.

According to Twitter user @NadineAlice, people in Toronto are buying 10 to 15 packs of toilet paper at a time.

Yet it's not exclusive to Ontario. Residents in Western Canada also say toilet paper is selling off shelves.

In Calgary, someone reported that several Costcos in the city are completely sold out of toilet paper.

One mother had a similar experience and claims that she's in need of more toilet paper because her family is down to four rolls.

On Wednesday, B.C. announced its 13th coronavirus patient, according to CTV News.

Hours later, someone in Vancouver claimed that toilet paper was sold out in stores due to another presumptive coronavirus case at a local university.

It's no surprise that toilet paper is selling out following last week's announcement from federal Health Minister Patty Hajdu. Hajdu advised Canadians to stock up on supplies.

"It's good to be prepared because things can change quickly," she said.

No matter where you are in Canada, if you're heading to the store in the upcoming days, it may be a good idea to grab a few extra rolls.

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