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Here are some of the most unique cards made for Canadian war veteran's 100th birthday

A month ago, Toronto veteran Fred Arsenault made national news after asking for 100 cards for his 100th birthday β€” and Canadians have really taken the task to heart.

From unique musical greetings to homemade cards, these are some of the most heart-warming birthday wishes that Arsenault will receive this weekend.

This Oshawa class sent a giant letter after learning about Fred Arsenault during carpet time.

And this Canadian boy dedicated some time to collecting 100 signatures for his massive card β€” one for every birthday that Fred Arsenault has celebrated.

While this Whitby class offered some homemade cards with pretty impressive drawings.

Canadian vocals group The Tenors offered the veteran a personalized musical greeting.

But the most heartwarming greeting came from Peace By Chocolate: a Nova Scotia chocolatier run by Syrian refugees.

The Hadhad family sent three letters to Fred Arsenault β€” in English, Aarabic, and Tagalog β€” thanking him for his service.

The letter reads, "Your dedication to and sacrifice for Canada has directly helped to make it the type of country that welcomes people in need, just like our family when we had to flee our homeland and were accepted here as refugees to begin a new life in a safe place."

Fred Arsenault will officially become a centenarian on Friday, March 6. His birthday party will include a live band, a homemade cake and plenty of cards β€” from family and strangers.

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Jennifer Nash

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