can us citizens travel to canada

This could be why US citizens are still allowed to travel to Canada

Following Justin Trudeau's unprecedented decision to close Canada's borders, many Canadians are left with one important question: why are U.S. citizens still allowed into the country?

The Prime Minister gave no clear answers.

The United States has reported over 3,700 cases of coronavirus and 74 deaths, although experts suspect that the actual number of cases is much higher.

Multiple American governors and senators have condemned Trump for his slow response to the global pandemic, which has resulted in the virus spreading to 49 states.

Despite the outbreak, Canada is still allowing Americans to enter the country — at least, "for now."

Although Trudeau was unclear as to why Americans are exempt from the ban, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland may have shed some light on the issue.

Freeland said, "That border is absolutely vital to the daily lives of the people who live on both sides of that border."

She added that the complex integration of the two economies makes it difficult to close the border, especially when it comes to the import and export of food.

The U.S. was Canada's top trading partner in 2019, totalling 75 per cent of Canada's total exports and generating US$336.8 billion for the economy.

Every year, 24 million Americans make a trip to Canada, generating thousands of dollars for Canada's tourism industry.

As a result, Canada has made maintaining a good relationship with the United States one if its most important foreign policy objectives — and closing the border could cause an economic catastrophe.

The economy aside, Freeland believes that the 14-day mandatory quarantine Americans will have to undergo upon entering Canada should be a sufficient deterrent.

"I don't consider that something that a tourist would like to do for a holiday," she said.

Justin Trudeau is expected to clarify his position on the Canada-U.S. border in the coming days.

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