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Many in Canada have already started receiving CERB payments and people are impressed

Canadians began applying for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) just two days ago, but many have already received their first payment of $2,000 and residents say they're pleasantly surprised by the government's swift action. 

Applications for the benefit opened Monday morning for those born between January and March, and the federal government said 966,000 Canadians applied for the income assistance within the first 24 hours. 

Still, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau assured residents that the first payment would arrive in up to three days if they signed up through direct deposit, and it seems they've managed to deliver on that promise. 

Many Canadians have taken to Twitter to report that, to their surprise, $2,000 had been added to their bank accounts Wednesday morning.

"And just like, there was $2000.00 in my bank account this morning. Thank you.@JustinTrudeau," one Twitter user wrote today.

Residents are praising the government for pulling through for people in such trying times, and some say they're more proud than ever to call themselves Canadian.

"I got my CERB this morning. I applied for e.i on March 22nd and it automatically switched me over to CERB," one resident wrote online. "I am incredibly thankful to be a Canadian Citizen right now! I am always thankful and proud to be Canadian, but in this time, i'm extra thankful."

"The efficiency of the rollout of CERB payments (anecdotally, knock wood) has been a major success during a terrible time," wrote Globe and Mail columnist Robyn Urback. "A massive operation that's come together incredibly quickly, and is working." 

Despite this morning's praise, many have criticized the CERB for failing to include groups of people such as gig workers, students and recent graduates. 

But Trudeau has promised to introduce measures that include those who've been left out of the CERB, and he's expected to provide further details soon enough.

CERB applications are now open to anyone born between July and September, while those born in October, November and December can apply beginning Thursday. 

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