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People purposely coughing on people and things in Canada are the worst of humanity right now

We already know that there is a percentage of the population that just isn't taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously right now despite grim case and death forecasts and pleas from health officials and all levels of government.

Even worse than those simply not taking the global infectious outbreak seriously are the individuals who are trying to make it into some sort of joke, potentially putting others in danger in the process.

In Canada, a select few people have been doing things like purposely coughing on others and even drinking out of jugs of juice on grocery store shelves while joking that they're spreading the virus.

Two men in New Brunswick were charged with assault late last month after they deliberately coughed on their roommates. The two had recently returned from an overseas trip and were not following government orders to self-isolate.

Last week, another man — this time, in Lethbridge, Alberta — intentionally coughed in the face of police who arrived at his home to respond to a domestic incident, apparently saying that he hoped the officer would get infected with COVID-19. He was later also charged with assaulting an officer.

That same day, someone in Quebec City thought it would be funny to cough onto a debit machine at a drive-thru. What he probably found less funny was being apprehended by police after a video of the incident went viral (no pun intended) on social media.

Days later, an Ottawa resident coughed and spat on police while being arrested for an outstanding warrant, all the while asserting that she had tested positive for the communicable disease. She now faces multiple charges, including assaulting an officer.

And more recently this week, an Edmonton transit user forcibly entered a bus driver's enclosure to cough on them, also hacking onto multiple transit peace officers while claiming that he had coronavirus.

Meanwhile south of the border, people have been doing things like licking grocery store items and toilet seats.

Though isolation may have us all feeling a little unhinged and in need of entertainment lately, there's no question that this kind of behaviour is not only disgusting and dangerous, but frankly in embarrassingly poor taste given the fact that people in Europe are doing things like performing musical duets and hosting group workouts from their balconies right now.

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