plane land on highway

A plane just landed on a highway in Canada and drivers were so chill

A plane just landed on a highway in Canada, and drivers were unbelievably chill about it.

On April 16, a small plane suffered a mechanical issue above Highway 40, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing just south of Québec City International Airport.

Resident Mathieu Leclerc managed to capture the incident on camera. The short video shows smoke billowing from the left side of the plane before it dips down onto the highway, merging seamlessly with traffic.

Miraculously, all of the Canadian drivers seem unfazed by the plane's unexpected appearance.

Not a single driver honks as the plane lands, and although several cars switch lanes to avoid colliding with the new vehicle, everyone seems shockingly accepting of the incident.

Thankfully, no injuries have been reported.

Still, people watching the video can't get over just how chill all of the drivers were as the plane touched down.

One person even made a joke about tailgating.

The pilot that performed the incredible manoeuvre has yet to be identified.

Lead photo by

Mathieu Leclerc

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