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92 year old woman in Canada just recovered from COVID-19 and celebrated with a bottle of rum

What's the best way to celebrate recovering from COVID-19? A good bottle of rum, according to a 92-year-old woman in Canada.

Newfoundland resident Rita Hickey battled COVID-19 for two weeks before thankfully beating the virus. On April 16, her daughter, Agatha, shared a photo of her mother to Facebook, captioned with the words "She's back!"

The photo shows a beaming Hickey with a bottle of Lamb's Rum and a packet of Lysol wipes.

Her shirt reads, "I Kicked COVID-19's Ass!"

covid-19 recoveryHickey's daughter wrote, "It has been a terrifying and tearful 14 days to say the least for all of us, not knowing what day the dreaded COVID-19 virus would get a grip on her."

She thanked neighbours for their thoughtful messages, phone calls and gifts, saying that the strength her mother drew from them was essential to her recovery.

"Because all COVID-19 stories unfortunately don't have a happy ending like our Mom's story, I cannot stress enough the importance of following the rules," Hickey wrote.

"Stay home! Stay safe!"

Over 12,000 Canadians have recovered from COVID-19 so far.

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Agatha Hickey

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