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Passengers say there wasn't enough social distancing on packed Air Canada flight

It's every Canadian health official's worst nightmare; on May 1, an Air Canada plane flew from Toronto to Edmonton, and the flight was absolutely jam-packed.

Although every passenger was wearing a face mask in accordance with Air Canada's new policy, the flight was completely full — leaving no room for social distancing.

Passenger Kathleen Hamilton said that she was "so upset" by the packed flight.

"For four-plus hours people are just sitting there, and it was just horrendous," she said. "All you could think about is am I going to get sick?"

Passenger Lydia Dyck had a similar experience on an Air Canada flight from Toronto to Edmonton on May 4.

"The plane was packed," she told Global News. "There were many middle seats taken and I felt like the whole dynamic was a little bit hectic. I was a little disappointed."

Overall, Air Canada says that traffic levels have decreased — although a recent post from a passenger on May 6 would suggest that isn't the case on certain flights.

Fortunately, Air Canada is implementing new safety measures next week.

The airline will introduce mandatory temperature checks before passengers can board their flight on May 15, as well as automatically blocking the sale of adjacent seats.

Air Canada President Calin Rovinescu says the airline will continue to add to to their policies using "best practices" from around the world in the coming weeks.

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