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A town in Canada raised money to help a vandalized pizza shop reopen in 24 hours

Small town, big heart; a generous community in Canada helped raise enough funds for a pizza shop to reopen after it was vandalized shortly after midnight on May 3.

Pasha's Pizza and Indian Food owner Jaswinder Sandhu says she was working alone in the back room of her restaurant on Bridge Street in Princeton, B.C. when the shop was broken into.

Sandhu told Penticton Western News that she waved her hands and yelled "don't do that, don't do that," before the vandal fled, smashing the large front window as he ran along the street.

"I don't know why this would happen," Sandhu said, adding that she believes the incident wasn't racially motivated.

Fortunately, Sandhu's community of about 3,000 people decided that the beloved pizza and Indian joint was just too good to close for even a day, and a resident launched a Go Fund Me page to raise funds for the shop.

In less than 24 hours, Princeton residents raised a total of $1,300 to help Sandhu pay the insurance deductible on the damage.

"I have no words to say," Sandhu said. "There are no words to say thank you enough."

She says that people have also brought her flowers and gifts, and that she's now overwhelmed with orders from customers — many of whom contribute large tips.

Sandhu keeps a list of everyone who donated posted beside the till as a reminder of the town's support.

She says that she's worked seven days a week, a minimum of 12 hours a day, to stay open during the pandemic. She hasn’t had a day off since the crisis began.

"I want to make sure everyone is taken care of," she said.

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