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Hearts and Smiles masks and t-shirts raise $700k for frontline workers in Canada in just one day

The Hearts and Smiles campaign is off to a roaring start, raising more than $700,000 for frontline healthcare workers in Canada in less than 24 hours.

Organized by Rogers Sports & Media, the campaign sells limited-edition masks and t-shirts, with all proceeds going to 150 Canadian hospital foundations through the Frontline Fund.

You can purchase a t-shirt ($30), a t-shirt & mask combo ($40) or a 10-pack of masks ($90).

More than 15,000 Hearts and Smiles shirts and masks have been sold as of Wednesday, per CityNews.

There's been a number of famous faces among those customers, including singer Brett Kissel, Olympic medallist Rebecca Johnston, comedian Rick Mercer, American basketball player Charles Barkley and several Canadian politicians.

Canada's favourite hockey dad Walter Gretzky was even spotted wearing a Hearts and Smiles t-shirt.

And the singer for the Canadian band the Arkells was decked out in a Hearts and Smiles t-shirt and mask when he gave healthcare workers a shout-out on Twitter.

While the drummer of the beloved band The Barenaked Ladies put together a catchy ditty to celebrate healthcare workers while rocking a Hearts and Smiles t-shirt.

The Hearts and Smiles campaign will run until Friday.

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Nav Bhatia

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