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Walmart Canada removes All Lives Matter shirt after uproar

A shirt with the words All Lives Matter on it has disappeared from Walmart Canada's online store after the company came under fire for allowing it for sale on the site. 

The black T-shirt which, just earlier this week, could be found on Walmart's online store selling for $23.34 appears to have been taken down from the site as of today. 

The third-party seller that carried the shirt is still operating, but the All Lives Matter tee is nowhere to be found in Old Glory's extensive stock of printed shirts. 

On Tuesday, Walmart was subject to heavy backlash for carrying the T-shirt, whose slogan has been used to detract from the Black Lives Matter movement, which is calling for an end to anti-Black racism and police brutality.

all lives matter walmart

Walmart pulled its All Lives Matter T-shirt from its site but continues to sell items with racist implications, like a Make America Great Again hat. Photo via Walmart Canada.

The company told customers and media that they were investigating the product, and reiterated their stance "against any form of racism or discrimination." 

But a quick search on Walmart Canada'S site still pulls up several T-shirts with racist and problematic implications, like Blue Lives Matter paraphernalia, and clothing with Donald Trump's Make America Great Again slogan. 

Reps online also underlined that many products on Walmart's site are sold by third-party sellers, though evidently, enough ire from the public is effective in getting those companies products removed from the site. 

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