bauer face shield

Bauer will soon start selling a face shield that attaches to a baseball cap

Bauer Hockey is dropping a new visor in Canada this summer, and it looks straight out of the year 2050.

The Canadian hockey manufacturer is releasing a new medical-grade shield that attaches to the brim of a baseball cap and provides eye, nose and mouth splash coverage.

The coolest part? The visor can be worn with different baseball caps — so if you live in Calgary but you secretly love the Edmonton Oilers, you can swap out caps depending on what game you're attending.

Just picture an arena of Canadian hockey fans wearing these shields. The future has arrived.

The company is also dropping a collection of fabric face masks, which can be worn "around the rink or in communities where face coverings are recommended or required."

The face masks are available for purchase now, but Canadians will have to wait until early August to get their hands on the visors.

Bauer Hockey is also releasing a splash guard designed exclusively for hockey players, which will also launch in August.

This new line-up represents Bauer's return to manufacturing hockey equipment after the company temporarily halted production in March, pivoting to design more than 2 million face shields for frontline medical workers instead.

"We are so proud to have supported nurses and doctors on the front lines with medical-grade face shields," said Dan Bourgeois, VP of Product Innovation.

"This new BAUER lineup is inspired by that work and our commitment to One Team. As communities begin to re-open, we will combine this experience with our hockey-specific expertise to provide protection for the hockey community and in people's everyday lives."

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