covid 19 cases canada

Canada expects number of COVID-19 cases to rise around the country

Canada currently has 103,250 cases of COVID-19, and although the country is officially flattening the curve, that number is still expected to rise over the next few weeks.

Admittedly, Canada's top medical officers don't have a crystal ball that sees into the future, but they do have epidemiological data and modelling statistics — so here's what we know.

So far, Canada's daily cases and deaths have been steadily declining. While there are still a few hotspots in Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan, the country is doing well overall.

covid 19 cases canada

Chart courtesy of Public Health Canada

By mid-July, health experts are predicting a slight increase in the total number of COVID-19 cases and deaths across Canada.

Canada will see somewhere between 690 and 4,880 new COVID-19 cases over the next two weeks, according to the current modelling projections.

The country will also see between 23 and 343 deaths.

If the average of those numbers are taken, Canada will likely have an additional 2,785 cases (106,035 in total) and 183 deaths (8,705 in total) by July 12.

covid 19 cases canada

Chart courtesy of Public Health Canada

As of Monday, labs across Canada have tested more than 2.6 million people for COVID-19, with about four per cent of people testing positive for the virus.

More than 66,000 Canadians (approximately 64 per cent) have now recovered from COVID-19.

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