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84% of Canadians believe Donald Trump is racist

President Donald Trump is known in Canada for a number of things, lately: encouraging people to drink bleach, hyping a dangerous drug, and now, for being racist.

According to a recent poll commissioned by CityTV, a staggering 84 per cent of Canadians believe that Trump is a racist, with over half saying that the President is "certainly" a racist (57 per cent).

Just under one-third of Canadians say that Trump is "probably" a racist (27 per cent), with the other 16 per cent saying that he is either not or probably not racist.

Half of Canadians also said that they believe Trump's actions have caused racism against people of colour to increase, with another 31 per cent saying that Trump's actions "probably" caused it to increase.

Two-thirds of Canadians also said that they believe discrimination happens "frequently" in the United States.

The U.S. President has recently come under fire for a number of his statements in the wake of George Floyd's death and the Black Lives Matter protests that are sweeping across the world.

The Guardian wrote that Trump has "lost the room," pointing to his bizarre photo op outside a church after police used tear gas to clear peaceful protesters outside the White House.

The New York Times called the President a "cultural relic" that is "detached from not just the left-leaning protesters in the streets but also the country’s political middle and even some Republican allies."

And it's not just Americans that are criticizing Trump; a number of Canadian politicians have also expressed their disapproval over the President's questionable comments in recent years.

"People in positions of power or influence must speak out and condemn racist remarks of others in power like Trump's," the leader of the Alberta Liberal Party warned last year. "Or they're complicit. History won't be kind if they don't."

"This is what a fascist looks like," Niki Ashton, an NDP MP, wrote in July 2019. "Disgusted by the racist, xenophobic rhetoric by Trump and the way he emboldens so many to hate rather than take on a system that is pushing many further behind."

"I'm sick of Trump. I'm sick of his gas lighting. I'm sick of racists like him and anyone that enables him," one Canadian wrote.

"I'm sorry you had to do a poll for that," another wrote in response to the recent CityTV poll. "I'm surprised it wasn't higher. Seems like a colossal waste of money."

"7% thought he wasn’t racist? 9% thought probably not?" yet another incredulous Canadian wrote. "Are we following up them to make sure they read the question correctly?"

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