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Quebec is finally reopening almost everything after being hardest hit province in Canada

Quebecers are finally starting to experience a return to normality after being hardest hit by the the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The province suffered more than almost any other Canadian region, with a total of 5,269 deaths 54,263 cases of the virus so far.

In a sign of huge progress, Quebec has today announced that indoor pools, gyms and arenas will be reopening across the province as of Monday, June 22.

With the first day of summer coming up this weekend, they have also given the go ahead to reopen public beaches. 

Furthermore, sporting events like soccer and hockey will be allowed to reconvene once players are wearing masks. 

“Today’s announcement signifies a certain normalcy that will please many," said junior education minister responsible for sports Isabelle Charest, revealing the good news in a press conference.

“We have missed sports over the last few months, but in this new phase Quebecers can rejoin their hockey club, their gymnastic clubs and conditioning centres," she added. 

The announcement comes a day after news that concert venues, theatres and cinemas in Quebec can also reopen as of June 22. 

With restaurants around the province opening for dining earlier this week, it means that almost all of Quebec's industries are finally starting to see a return to pre-pandemic business. 

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