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Police investigating after video shows cyclist spitting on woman in Canada

Calgary police are investigating after a cyclist spat on an Asian woman and used a racist slur while she was long boarding down a pathway in a park on Saturday evening.

In the video of the incident, captured by the woman's boyfriend, the male cyclist is seen approaching the woman from the opposite direction.

The cyclist spits on the woman as he passes her before hurling the racist slur at her, prompting the woman to call out, "What the f*ck dude? Are you f*cking kidding me?"

In the post, the Calgary couple alleges the cyclist, now identified as a former University of Calgary Dinos employee, then went to spit at another couple behind them who were both Caucasian.

Police have now arrested the man.

The University of Calgary have issued a statement in light of the incident, saying that they "strongly condemn" the actions of their former basketball team manager.

The woman in the video, Jessica Lau, posted a follow-up video on social media on Sunday to thank her community for their ongoing support, as well as their efforts to help identify the cyclist.

"I didn't take it personally," Lau says in the clip. "I know he's ill inside and that he needs help."

Lau told CTV News that this is the first time that she's experienced racism in her life and adds she has gone to get tested for COVID-19 after the incident.

The video of the incident has been viewed thousands of times, and Canadians across the country are reaching out on social media to express support for Lau and her boyfriend.

"Stay strong," one person wrote in response to Lau's second video. "I say this to everyone who has been a victim of a racist assault. We will always rise above and persevere."

"I'm glad he's suffering consequences, but I'm so sorry you had to be subjected to this in the first place," another person wrote.

"What is done in the dark shall always come to the light. He thought he was going fast on his bike and wouldn't get caught," yet another person wrote. "Not this time."

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