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Massive drumming circle on Vancouver beach flouts social distancing rules

A massive drumming circle took place on Third Beach in Vancouver this week, despite renewed warnings about a spike in COVID-19 infections in the area. 

COVID-19 rates in B.C. have tripled over the last two weeks, as a series of outbreaks at parties, restaurants and hospitals caused cases to grow from around 10 a day to around 30.

Concerned B.C. resident Ryan Schapp took to Twitter to share his shock after witnessing huge crowds of people gathered together for a long-running weekly drum circle event at Third Beach.

“This is just offensive," said Schapp, captioning video-footage of the event, which took place on both Monday and Tuesday evening.

Schapp also shared a second video from a different angle, which confirmed the enormous size of the crowd and lack of social distancing.

The video comes in the same week that Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry warned B.C. is on the edge of "explosive growth" in Coronavirus cases. 

“We are at a turning point," she cautioned. "Right now we see concerning upward trends in infection rate, in reproduction rate. If we increase our social interactions too much without doing it safely, we do risk a rebound that will impact us all.”

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Ryan Schapp

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