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Halifax Police investigating road rage incident involving dog abuse caught on video

A road rage incident where animal abuse was caught on camera in a video currently going viral is under investigation by police.

The highly disturbing video shows a dog being used as a weapon, swung around by its leash during an altercation.

The incident took place on July 1 at 5:30 p.m. on Windmill Road in Dartmouth, a community in the Halifax Regional Municipality of Nova Scotia, according to a statement released by Halifax Regional Police.

"The altercation started after two females in one vehicle confronted two females in the second vehicle regarding being cut off in a drive-thru," says the statement.

"Police attended the scene and those involved did not wish to pursue assault charges. There were initial reports of a dog being involved but the extent was not clear at the time. Officers checked on two dogs in one vehicle while at the scene and they appeared to be in good health."

Halifax Regional Police learned of the video circulating on social media and are now "continuing to investigate the mistreatment of the dog," encouraging anyone with tips to contact them.

Obviously, people on social media are horrified over the incident.

One person called the incident "pure savagery."

Many Canadians are disappointed to see that this is the reason Dartmouth is trending on Twitter.

Many others are saying the person who swung the dog around definitely deserves to be charged.

One hoped she "goes to jail for a very long time."

A new dog owner said they'd "like to see this woman arrested." 

Unfortunately it's not the only incident of animal abuse involving dogs to take place in Canada recently. Just two weeks ago hundreds of puppies were discovered on a flight arriving to Toronto from the Ukraine, many of which were dead or in poor health, highlighting our need as a country to do more to root out animal abuse.

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