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IKEA Canada flooded with complaints about customer service and delivery delays

IKEA Canada is taking more heat than a diner that ordered the Extra Extra Hot sauce at Nando's, with multiple Canadians voicing their complaints on social media about slow service and delays.

The Swedish homeware giant reopened brick-and-mortar stores nationwide on June 15, but it seems that the company is still struggling to fulfil e-commerce orders.

Customers are reporting spending up to 12 hours in total on hold (yup, really) while they wait for customer service.

Other customers are also revealing that their online IKEA orders have been delayed by six weeks or more.

"I placed my order a month ago," one person wrote. "Can't get in contact with any customer service via chat or phone. You're not updating the tracking on your website. It's been saying 'we're picking your order' for over a month. But why was my credit card charged in full?"

"I've been on hold with @IKEACanada for almost 1.5 hrs now," another person wrote. "I need my office desk and chair ASAP. I've been waiting for delivery for over 6 weeks & there's no update/can't get a hold of any customer service rep. This is frustrating."

In mid-May, IKEA Canada warned that they were experiencing "an exceptionally high volume" of traffic and that customers should allow at least 48 hours for the company to respond.

The company also reported "a surge in online orders" and cautioned that customers should expect significant delivery delays and longer-than-usual delivery times.

IKEA Canada is currently advising customers to send them a direct message through their social media channels, although many Canadians remain sceptical of the guidance.

"I think my favourite part of my phone call with @IKEACanada's customer service rep was when I asked her what the best way to contact them was if I had follow up questions and she said to try social media," one person wrote. "I'd be laughing if I wasn't dead inside after 4 hours on hold."

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