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People rally against mandatory masks in cities across Canada

The Canadian anti-maskers were out in full force in cities nationwide over the weekend, protesting the mandatory mask rules that various businesses and municipalities have implemented to keep further COVID-19 outbreaks at bay as things reopen.

Under the banner March to Unmask, groups gathered in cities such as Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Montreal, Regina, Hamilton, Saskatoon, London and Winnipeg on Sunday to rally for face coverings in public to be a choice, not an obligation.

Of course, the marches brought out a slew of conspiracy theorists, with some telling reporters on the scene that the government's promotion of mask-wearing as a preventive measure against the virus is simply propaganda. Others asserted that the entire pandemic itself is a hoax.

One demonstrator in Vancouver even told Global News that they believe wearing a mask causes cancer; something the news outlet notes "is not supported by any scientific evidence," (obviously).

Countless experts have explained that face coverings can dramatically limit the physical spread of aerosols or droplets from a potentially infected person — but the fact that Canadian health officials and bodies like the U.S.Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization did not support mask wearing earlier in the pandemic has created questions.

According to recent reports from Leger, the vast majority of Canadians support mandatory mask usage in public, and think people should be fined and/or arrested for defying the directive.

Meanwhile, 27 per cent of Canadians and 41 per cent of Americans believe that being forced to wear a mask in public spaces is an infringement of their personal freedoms.

While select individuals are protesting being asked to wear a piece of cloth over their face in certain situations for the health and safety of others, the rallies against police brutality and systemic anti-Black racism that have been waging for weeks continue worldwide.

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