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Video shows man in Vancouver slamming dog into the street

Disturbing footage of a man slamming a pit bull against the sidewalk in Downtown Vancouver has surfaced on social media.

The video shows the aftermath of an altercation between the man and a group of skateboarders, as well as a guy with a bike. 

Tiffany Mak, who captured the footage, explained: "The man was siccing his pit bull on them, letting it lunge at the bike guy, which resulted in the bike guy picking up his bike to swing at the pit bull and trying to kick  it."

It was at this point that Mak began secretly filming. 

Speaking to Vancouver is Awesome about what happened next, she continued: "After the bike/skateboard group dispersed, the man with the pit bull remained and continued yelling at some other people nearby.  Somehow this escalated to the man picking up his pit bull and slamming it onto the sidewalk."

Angered bystanders who had witnessed the incident ran at the man and called the cops. Upon their arrival at the scene, police handcuffed the man and took the dog into custody.

Mak claims that the owner has a pattern of abuse with this dog.

She added: "Another resident in my building said she and other witnesses saw this guy slam his pit bull onto the ground at a nearby park a month or two ago. He had been belligerent and aggressive when they confronted him then, too."

The B.C. SPCA are conducting an ongoing investigation into the incident.

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